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Forensic Investigation Costs & Process

   The costs associated with forensic engineering work vary widely.  The principle factor, as you might expect, is the extent and complexity of the work.  Costs are also negotiable and are typically not set in stone prior to initiating an engagement. Most engineering firms will discuss and provide estimates up front.  Southeastern Metallurgy certainly does.  Where a firm total is not possible, we provide our historical experience with similar cases and advise of any major changes along the way.

   A typical forensic or metallurgical engineering failure analysis consists of seven or more major separate parts: background, visual observations, measurements and testing, electron microscopy, metallography, materials characterization, conclusions, and, if necessary, discussion. Each part, in turn, may be broken down into sub-sections depending on the needs and judgment of the metallurgist.

   The costs associated with a failure analysis are composed of the sum of each of these parts. The costs associated with a deposition or court attendance are apart from the composition of a report but should also be available from an analyst or firm prior to a hiring decision. This discussion focuses only on the laboratory report and associated work.

   A failure analysis may be simple (a single component failure) or complex (a crash or massive structural failure) costs will vary accordingly. A few rough approximations of the time and fees that would be associated with a single component failure analyzed by Southeastern Metallurgy, LLC, are presented below. Not all of the analysis indicated is always necessary, an estimate based on your specific needs is always best.

Background Investigation: 2.5-5 hours of labor ($750-1,500).

Typical activities: Gathering of information, drawings, specifications, history, circumstances surrounding the event, interviews etc…

Visual Inspection, Measurements & Testing: 5-10 hours of labor ($1,500-3,000).

Typical activities: Visual inspection accompanied by written, photographic and, possibly, video documentation. Inspection and documentation using optical microscopy (magnifications 5-30X). Manual measurements with rulers, calipers, micrometers and gages (e.g. thread gages), simple tests as required etc…

Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis: 2.5-5 hours of labor + equipment fees  ($1,000-2,150).

Typical activities: Analysis of microscopic fracture features under an electron microscope. Identification of fracture origin, fracture mechanism, microchemistry, contributing factors etc…

Chemical Analysis and Materials Characterization: 2.5-5 hours of labor plus + equipment fees  ($1,000-2,150).

Typical activities: Determination of compliance with specified chemical composition and required mechanical properties. For example, chemical analysis by glow discharge spectroscopy (GDS) and tensile testing to determine yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and elongation.

Metallography: 2.5-5 hours of labor + consumables ($750-1,500).

Typical activities: Visual inspection under a specialized inverted microscope (5X-1000X magnification) for measurement of small dimensions (tight radii, plating thickness etc…) and metallurgical microstructures. Written and photographic documentation.

Final Report: 8-16 hours of labor ($2,000-4000).

Typical activities: Writing up the analysis with supporting pictures, measurements, chemical analysis and tests data as necessary. Reporting supported conclusions and, if necessary, a discussion of the findings.


The total cost for the hypothetical routine forensic or metallurgical failure analysis described above would range from $7,000 to $15,000. The exact cost is obviously highly dependent on the precise facts of the case. Southeastern Metallurgy will be happy to provide a more precise estimate based upon your unique circumstances.  Feel free to contact us at (904) 233-3660.

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