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Recent Legal ClientsType of Case
    Note:  Most Cases Have Settled Prior To Or Just After Deposition.
Bowen Law Firm PA. (Gainesville, FL)Auto Front-End Failure & Injury Accident
Lewis - Brisbois (Miami, FL)Mechanical Failure & Injury Accident
Bush / Ross (Tampa, FL)
Truck Drive Line Failure & Accident
Ossi & Najem (Jacksonville, FL)Welding Accident & Injuries
Confidential (Orlando, FL)Motorcycle Accident
The Bulluck Law Group (Tampa, FL)
Pipe Corrosion
Hinshaw and Culbertson (Tampa, FL)
Motorbike Fork Failure & Injuries
St. of FL Agency (Tallahassee, FL)
Tractor Fire
Shutts & Bowen (Orlando, FL)
Improper Aircraft Maintenance & Corrosion
Clark & Martino (Tampa, FL)Mechanical Failure & Severe Injuries
Morgan & Morgan (Ft. Myers, FL)
Steel Weld Failure & Severe Injuries
Morgan & Morgan (Tampa, FL)Aluminum Weld Failure & Severe Injuries
Condominium Assn. (Ft. Myers, FL)
Condominium Railing Corrosion
Confidential (Tampa, FL) Bicycle Component Failure & Severe Injuries

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