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Dr. Luis R. Carney, Ph.D., P.E., President and Technical Leader
Jacksonville, Florida:  (904)-233-3660

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About Us:

Southeastern Metallurgy, LLC,  is led and managed by Dr. Luis R. Carney, P.E.   Dr. Carney is a highly experienced and accomplished materials engineer.  His expertise is in metallurgical failure analysis, accident investigation, part manufacturing, component processing and metallurgical repair methods.  He looks forward to bringing his training, education and experience to new challenges in any field.   

Dr. Carney has worked for the Naval Air Systems Command, a component of the United States Navy (FRCSE Link), for nearly three decades.  In this capacity he has risen to the level of Senior Engineer and Team Leader (i.e. technical supervisor over 11+ engineers).  Over his career he has written over 700 peer reviewed failure analyses and consulted in hundreds more. In addition, he has been responsible for providing technical support to part manufacturing operations and repair design staff.

In the course of his career, Dr. Carney has worked on a multitude of national and international engineering problems, incidents and accidents in support of U. S. Navy, Air Force, Marine and Army aviation programs.  In defending the interests of the United States Government, he has worked with industrial giants such as Boeing, Lockheed, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce Aircraft Engines.  As such he has earned a well-deserved reputation for clear reasoning, trustworthy advice and effective results.

In addition to aviation assets, Dr. Carney has worked on failures and repairs related to ground support equipment (structural stands, tow trucks, towing devices and supports), building infrastructure (pressurized fuel delivery piping), component transport (overhead cranes, cables and chains) and many others.  

Please feel free to call to discuss your particular issue. There are few areas of materials engineering in which we cannot assist:  904-233-3660

Dr. Carney, CV

What is a Materials Engineer?:

A materials engineer (metals specialty) is essentially a metallurgist with extensive college level coursework in many of the fundamental engineering classes such as advanced calculus, differential equations, statics, mechanics of materials, materials processing, manufacturing, thermodynamics and electrical engineering. Depending on the additional electives and graduate level courses taken during the college career, the materials engineer can tailor his technical training towards mechanical, aerospace, civil, chemical or electrical engineering.  Materials engineers, regardless of specialty,  also aquire a solid working knowledge of polymers, ceramics, electronic and bio-materials.


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